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Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA

Welcome to the Academy, welcome to learning. Edmonton Islamic Academy students learn, achieve, and grow in an environment that promotes Islamic character as modeled by Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his companions. The Academy offers a rich learning experience fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum. In addition, our students are taught to be engaged and responsible Canadian citizens. Our goal is to provide the environment and the tools necessary to fulfill this mission.


One Ummah
Tuesday, October 24

This year, One Ummah will take place in October.  Classes from grades 1 – 9 will be assigned a country.  Students will represent this country and complete a booth with various artifacts, souveniers, and memorabilia from that country.  In addition, families are asked to send in a dish.  Ideally, the food dish would represent the represented country, yet we are aware how complex this may be.  As an alternative, parents can send in a healthy dish to contribute to their classroom table.  In addition, students are encouraged to dress in traditional attire.  Mashallah, our student body represents over 30 cultural backgrounds, so let us celebrate the diversity of EIA! 


As an added bonus, EIA will be hosting over 50 students (grade 1 & 4) from one of our neighboring schools, Prince Charles Elementary.  This school represents a high population of indigenous students who will join our students and perform some traditional music, interact with eachother in a bread-breaking ceremony, and also tour our One Ummah tables in the school cafeteria.


Lastly, we want to remind our students and parents that the spirit behind One Ummah is to celebrate our school’s diversity and promote the Islamic virtues of respect, tolerance, and peace.  May Allah continue to bless all Muslims, our school, and your families.  

Monday, October 30

The Kindergarten children will be participating in an in-school activity during their regular class time. They will learn how to ride the buss safely


You are invited to attend during your child's regular class time. (Please do not bring younger children along.)



Morning Class

Afternoon Class

KG 1 – MONDAY, October 30



KG 2 – MONDAY, October 30



KG 3 – MONDAY, October 30









There is a higher rate of school bus safety related mishaps involving students under the age of 7 than in any other age group. 


Cindy House, from Safely On Board will be offering an interactive safety program.  Her goal is to start these young students off on the right foot - learning how to ride the bus safely.


The children will learn the school bus rules through a story and from a puppet named ‘Rebecca’ (who does not always follow the rules!)    After a few in-class activities, the students will practice good bus behavior on the real bus and learn how to leave the bus in an emergency.  


Download the Form for Attending. Submit by October 27, 2017.


Pink Day
Tuesday, October 31


October 31 is EIA Spirit Day, which will become a monthly routine this year.  For the first EIA Spirit Day all students are asked to wear pink.  Shirts, pants, long skirts, dresses, hats, etc are all permitted as long they are Islamically acceptable.  Students who wish to participate are asked to bring in $2 to donate towards cancer research.

Picture Day
Wednesday, November 1

During picture day, students will go to the photographers with their class. There, they will have their individual portrait photos taken. They will be given a form to order these photos.

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