Board of Trustees


Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA

The Board of Trustees is the main governing body of the Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA), as mandated by the bylaws of the Edmonton Islamic School Society. The EIA Board establishes strategic direction, allocates financial resources, reviews policies, and responds to community needs.


Representation on the Board


All Board members are volunteers who provide service for the benefit of the Academy. As per the constitution, representation on the Board of Trustees is from the Following Entities


Canadian Islamic Centre 4 Representatives
Markaz Ul Islam Society 2 Representatives
Muslim Community of Edmonton 2 Representatives
Al-Ameen Islamic Centre 1 Representative
Parent's Body 2 Representatives


Additional non-voting members can be appointed for a one-year term.


Board Members


The Board of Trustees currently consists of the following members


Khalid Tarabain  Chairman
Khalid Mouallem  Secretary and Vice Chairman
Tariq Deeb  Treasurer
Walid Zein  Member
Farook Al-Shamali  Member
Walied Moussa  Member
Farida Ahmed  Member
Roula Chahine  Member
Amad Kadri  Member
Halal Jomha  Member
Zaki Ahmed  Member




The Edmonton Islamic Academy Building is owned by the Arabian Muslim Association (Canadian Islamic Centre) and operated by Edmonton Islamic Academy Society through a rental agreement


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