Governance & Administration




Abraham Abougouche


Imam Mahmoud Omar

School Imam and
Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department

Jawdah Jorf

Senior Educational Advisor








Hala Cheikh

Academic Assistant Principal
(Preschool & KG)

Bahja Mahmoud

Secondary Vice Principal
(Grades 7-12)

Mariam Abougouche

Academic Assistant Principal 
(Grades 1 to 3)

Tayyaba Zahid

Assistant Principal / Special Needs Coordinator

Shameeza Khan

Academic Assistant Principal 

(Grades 4 to 6)

Yahia Dalloul

Academic Assistant Principal (Grades 7 to 9)/

Athletic Director


Rania Mohamed

Technology Coordinator







Tahmina Gill


Shareefa Bahadur

Director of Student Services / Office Manager

Inas Ashqar

Business Manager

Sahar Swaid

Director of Student Affairs

Suzan Hasan

Fee Clerk

Montaha Haymour

Arabic and Islamic Studies Coordinator

Assad Jacob

Facility Manager

Mariam Al-Sheikh Ali


Abbas Omer

Manager of Transportation Services









Message from the Principal


 Principle of EIA - Abraham Abougouche


Asalaam Aalikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatu


In almost every school, each year is always different than the last.  This upcoming year will be no exception for EIA.  As the incoming principal, I am not naïve to the great accomplishments that this school has achieved since its inception 31 years ago.  In that time, many leaders have come and gone, but they have all contributed to get this program to where it is today.  I am humbled to be a part of this ongoing legacy.  Additionally, I am genuinely excited to lead this school alongside my staff.  This talented and passionate team has the potential to not only continue to direct this program into places it has never been before, but also make an everlasting difference in the lives of so many young students.


As I look ahead to the upcoming academic year, I have great enthusiasm for a Mission that aspires our school to deliver a high quality education embedded in Islamic values.  My hope and dreams is for our staff to make this Mission a reality.  Yet, to attain a high quality education it must begin by providing our students with an environment rich in high quality teaching and learning.  And to attain high quality teaching and learning, it is integral that this team provides high quality leadership.  This is my number one objective.


Over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year, I look forward to working with all stakeholders in a collective effort to set the stage for what is bound to be one of this school’s greatest in its history.  As the days goes by, I encourage you to be open and honest.  I encourage you to bring creative ideas to the table; to challenge the status quo and offer innovative solutions.  Ultimately, I encourage you to help me lead our community jewel into an organization that offers a high quality education embedded in Islamic values! 


This year, we will focus on strengthening our program as we look to re-invest in Islamic Studies and conduct, re-organize our leadership structure, re-strategize our literacy approach, re-claim our Jr. High program, and introduce our soon to be launched STEAM education Makers Space.  It is poised to be a great year.  And with the academic results to support our already rich program, I am certain that we will take the necessary strides to live out our Mission and offer our wonderful students a high quality education embedded in Islamic values. 


Abraham Abougouche, M. ED







Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the main governing body of the Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA), as mandated by the bylaws of the Edmonton Islamic School Society. The EIA Board establishes strategic direction, allocates financial resources, reviews policies, and responds to community needs.



Representation on the Board


All Board members are volunteers who provide service for the benefit of the Academy. As per the constitution, representation on the Board of Trustees is from the Following Entities


Canadian Islamic Centre

  • Four Representatives


Markaz Ul Islam Society

  • Two Representatives


Muslim Community of Edmonton

  • Two Representatives


Al-Ameen Islamic Centre

  • One Representative


Parent Body

  • Two Representatives


Additional non-voting members can be appointed for a one-year term.



Board Members


The Board of Trustees currently consists of the following members


Acting Chair

  • Halal Jomha


Vice Chair & Secretary

  • Khalid Mouallem



  • Tariq Deeb



  • Amad Kadri

  • Farida Ahmed

  • Farook Al-Shamali

  • Khalid Tarabain

  • Roula Chahine

  • Walid Zein

  • Walied Moussa

  • Zaki Ahmed







The Edmonton Islamic Academy Building is owned by the Arabian Muslim Association (Canadian Islamic Centre) and operated by Edmonton Islamic Academy Society through a rental agreement







School Reports


The Edmonton Islamic Academy is pleased to present the Annual Education Results Report of the past school year in combination with the Three-Year Education Plan for the upcoming three school years.


AGM 2016 Slides

AERR & Three Year Education Plan (2018-2021)

Annual Education Results Report of the past school year, along with a three-year education plan for upcoming years.


Inclusive Education Policy - Safe and Caring Schools





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