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Each video introduces a lesson with vocabulary words and how to use them in sentences. You can use these videos at home to practice the lessons with your child. It's best if you help them in how to use the video. 


You can create a writing notebook and devote a page or two to each lesson. This way you can keep track of how you progressed. The videos are available below. The little playlist button on the top right of the video screen will reveal all the videos.



1. Sounding out the Words

The first step is to get introduced to the words.

  1. Listen to the video
  2. Replay the section at the end the word is introduced
  3. Pause the video when the word is spoken
  4. Try to imitate the spoken word
  5. Likewise, pause the video and try to sound out the other words


2. Identifying the Words

Once you know how to sound out the words, see if you can recall and read them.

  1. Pause the video at the point where you see all the  words written out
  2. Try to sound out the letters from memory that form each word
  3. Replay the check if you're correct
  4. Continue until you feel fairly fluent

3. Writing the Words

After you can visually identify the words, it's time to write them down.

  1. Pause the video at the point where you see the word written out
  2. Copy it on a piece of paper or a small white board
  3. While you write them down, sound the word out again
  4. When you've written them down once, cover up your writing and don't look at your screen
  5. Try to write the word from memory
  6. Again, sound them out as you're writing them
  7. You may peek if you forgot what letters form the word how to write them with the right formation
  8. Continue until you can do it without peeking at the answer


4. Exploring the Words in Context

  1. Listen to the whole video again and see how the word are used and what does it mean
  2. Pause the video and try to imitate the sound, making sure you pronounce the words you just learned right
  3. Write the other words down as well
  4. Try to understand the meaning of the words and relate them to your daily life




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