Grade 6 Arabic


The content provided below is created by the Edmonton Islamic Academy.




We publish our own textbook. You can use the online version at home with your child through accessing the reader below.


Open Grade 6 Textbook



Video Lessons

Each video introduces a lessons with more than one paragraph. You can use these videos at home to practice the lessons with your child. It's best if you help them in how to use the video. 


You can create a writing notebook at devote a page or two to each lesson. This way you can keep track of how you progressed. The videos are available below. The little playlist button on the top right of the video screen will reveal all the videos.


Sounding out Words and Sentences

The first step is to get introduced to reading and vocabulary

  1. Listen to the video
  2. Replay the section at the end of each sentence introduced
  3. Pause the video when the sentence is spoken
  4. Try to imitate the reading of the sentence to improve your fluency
  5. Likewise, pause the video and try to sound out it again
  6. Listening to the whole paragraph
  7. Try to relate the sentences and demonstrate understanding of it


Writing and Comprehension

Improve your comprehension by writing your own sentences and paragraphs about what you learned from the lesson.



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