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Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA

Welcome to the Academy, welcome to learning. Edmonton Islamic Academy students learn, achieve, and grow in an environment that promotes Islamic character as modeled by Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his companions. The Academy offers a rich learning experience fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum. In addition, our students are taught to be engaged and responsible Canadian citizens. Our goal is to provide the environment and the tools necessary to fulfill this mission.


Neighbour Luncheon for Invited Neighbours of EIA
Wednesday, December 13

Islam is clear in its belief of the importance of neighbors to each Muslim. For this reason, and in keeping with our school’s Vision, EIA will open its doors on December 20th for its neighbors and host its third annual holiday luncheon.


Each time we reach out to the Edmonton community in friendship, kindness, and understanding, we change the narrative written about Islam and help others understand that our faith is a faith rooted in peace, understanding and respect for all living people, animals and things.


Our grade nine students kindly walked from door to door, under Ms. Sahar Kaddoura’s supervision, and hand delivered invitations to each neighbor in our surrounding neighborhood. We extend our thanks to our Homeroom parents who have been instrumental in fund raising for this year’s event. We expect more than 200 people to attend our Holiday Luncheon this year, Inshallah.

Winter Wonderland
Thursday, December 21


Christmas Winter Holiday
Saturday, December 23 to Sunday, January 7, 2018


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