Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA

This is one of the most vibrant locations at the Academy. The EIA library has been expanding over the last seven years. Currently, it has over 30,000 items. In addition to general reading books, the school library has a variety of reference books and other resources. It is also a quiet place for general reading for both students and staff alike.


The library offers various academics related activities for EIA students including book fairs, book clubs, Iqra (Read) Theme, Read-in week, guest speakers from other libraries and community members. Aside from the assigned library classes, students are encouraged to visit the library daily to exchange books and work on projects, assignments and presentations. The activities should inspire students to acquire the gift of knowledge, which Allah (SWT) ordered us to do in his first words to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), "Read in the name of your lord who created".


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