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June 25, 2015


This morning, students and staff at the Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA) honored the work of Constable Dan Woodall with a special commemorative plague that will adorn the school’s ‘Bridge to Peace’, which is located at the entrance of the school. The plague will forever remind the EIA students of the work of Constable Woodall, and the Edmonton Police Services (EPS), to keep the peace amongst all citizens in Edmonton.


Ms. Jawdah Jorf, EIA Superintendent, informed the students and staff that Constable Woodall was a friend to the students and staff at our Academy. He visited the school and offered his unlimited support to ensure the school was respected and included as a unique community in Edmonton. He worked with EIA leadership personnel to build trust and create a partnership for the betterment and protection of all Muslims.


To the Woodall family and the EPS, EIA extended its sincere sympathy for the loss of everyone’s hero, Dan Woodall. In her speech, Tulene Rasheed Suleiman, an EIA student representative stated, “Today we honor [Dan Woodall’s] memory because yes, we are Muslims, and yes, we are in the beginning of Ramadan where we give charity to those less fortunate, but today we are also Edmontonians who stand tall next to his family, next to the Edmonton Police Services, and with all Edmontonians who have lost one of our finest to a senseless and tragic act.”


To Jason Harley, EIA sent their best wishes for his physical and emotional recovery.  Mona Nashman-Smith, Advisor and Mentor to the EIA Board of Trustees, remarked, “He is our hero too and we honor him for his courage and strength.  We are grateful to Allah that he is still with us.”


Superintendent Denis Jubinville, representing the EPS, shared with EIA students that the work of EPS is about guarding the peace, which is in keeping with EIA’s Vision  to create an ‘…environment of intercultural and interfaith respect and understanding and for our students to use their leadership and intellects for the betterment of humanity”.  Eleven police constables were in attendance for this morning’s event. EIA students stood at attention and saluted the officers as they entered the assembly gathering out of respect for the work of one of Canada’s finest police forces. EIA is thankful to Superintendent Jubinville for this kindness and for the support of the EPS.


To the Woodall family, the EIA humbly offered a $6,000 donation the students and their families raised for the Dan Woodall Foundation. In an acceptance speech, on behalf of the Woodall family, Nicole Draves said:


“On behalf of Dan, Claire, Gabe and Callen thank you for your generosity shown here today. Dan had a great relationship with the Muslim community. He felt it was extremely important to help not only yourselves and community but individuals and communities throughout Edmonton…Dan would be proud to see everyone come together to support his legacy and family during this time.”


May Dan rest in peace and the EPS be protected from all misguided people in the future.

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