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December 5, 2014


This was the first Red Eye Sneaker Cup organized by the Academy to allow different regional high schools a chance to verse one another in an all-night event. The tournament consisted of 16 high school boys teams from across Alberta in a 32-hour battle. The event started on Friday December 5th at 2 PM and went all day and night until the final game ending at 10 PM the next day. With teams staying in the school to try and get some sleep this allowed for students to get to know each other off the basketball court. There was definitely some red eyes after everything was all said and done with student volunteer, coaches, refs and players all attempted to stay up and enjoy some good basketball. JH Picard from Edmonton won the 1st annual Sneaker Cup, with Calgary Islamic School finishing 2nd, Ashmont finishing 3rd and Fort McMurray Islamic School finishing 4th. There was a lot of great feedback from the tournament and Athletics Director Jesse Craig says he is hoping to make this an annual event for years to come.

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