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A group of High School students traveled to Beijing, for BEIMUN XXV Model United Nations Conference at the International School of Beijing (ISB), March 9 to 19.



It was great when our kids get such international experience. It puts their own faith and life in perspective. The purpose of the trip was to do well in the meetings of the Model UN Conference. 500 students from all over the world gathered at the conference to discuss pressing world issues, such as: globalisation, environmental pollution, nuclear arms, and governmental corruption.



Mr. Chang organised the trip. Ms. Tayyaba and Mr. Mark joined as supervisors, as well as our board member Khalid Mouallem and a few parents. Some of the highlights included sightseeing various landmarks: the great wall, the summer palace, the forbidden city, and Tiananmen square.



Students learned that there are also Muslims in China, and prayed in one of their oldest mosques.


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