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Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA


As Salamu Alaikum


Allah’s first directive to the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to ‘Iqraa’ or read reflects the importance of education for each Muslim and the purpose of the Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA). An EIA education is about the heart as well as the mind. The two are inseparable and are important to live an Islamic way of life. At the core of EIA’s curriculum offerings as an Islamic Academy is the Islamic and Quran studies programs. In addition, Arabic language is taught to enrich each student’s overall educational experience and all students participate in afternoon prayers, a spiritual time for reflection and devotion.


At EIA we know that learning must be meaningful, engaging, and purposeful. EIA teachers understand the importance of connecting with their students and respecting each individual’s right to learn at his/her own pace. In fact, respect is non-negotiable at EIA and is an attribute all stakeholders are expected to demonstrate at all times.


One of the most important aspects of EIA is that it awakens us all to the appreciation and the importance of the many people working together to support these young students in reaching their maximum potential. Volunteers contribute to Trusteeship, fund raising, paired reading programs, educational fieldtrips, and cafeteria services. In addition, a triangular relationship between the teacher, student and parent is the basis of EIA’s commitment to excellence; it is well researched that when the home and school work together, students’ reap the rewards.


After 35 years of serving the needs of students attending Edmonton Public Schools and International Schools in Munich, Germany and Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, I am privileged to return to my own community and to provide educational leadership for the students, leadership team, faculty and support staff at EIA. Over the years, I have learnt from outstanding educators and leaders what is worth pursuing in the best interests of students and the development of great organizations.  Creating the conditions needed for our faculty and staff members’ success is what the EIA leadership team continuously works hard to achieve.  As the school leader, I recognize that I have a decisive role in building a positive school culture where people are highly motivated, and that every student needs a champion to contribute to his/her growth. It is my goal that the EIA school culture is built upon Islamic values that embrace responsibility, respect and success for all, and that every student has an advocate.


Looking forward, I believe that EIA will be a lighthouse for Islamic education and a role model for the integration of a secular curriculum (provided by Alberta’s Ministry of Education) with a faith based ideology. Inshallah, this website inspires you to look deeper into this amazing institution we call the Edmonton Islamic Academy.


Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about our great school.


Mona Nashman-Smith



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