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Umrah Trip



Believing in producing a generation of well-adjusted Muslims, every high school student is provided with an opportunity to perform Umrah. This is an annual event organized by the Academy and involves visiting the holy places in Makkah and Madinah.


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Umrah 2016


By the grace of Allah, twenty EIA students from grades one to twelve embarked on their Umrah 2016 trip this past spring break. Twenty-four parents and grandparents joined them, as well Dr. Munir El-Kassem, an exceptional leader and scholar in Islam who lectured about Umrah and gave advice to the students on their journey.


Students started their trip by visiting the second holiest mosque in Madinah, Al Masjid Alnabawi, where they spent four days. They were blessed with the opportunity to visit the grave of the Prophet (PBUH), Uhud Mountain, Waqf Uthman, Masljid Qubaa, and Masjid Al Qiblatain.


The male students had a unique and inspiring experience with Dr. El-Kassem, attending and assisting with a burial in the cemetery of Al Baqii. This will be an experience that they will keep in their hearts for years to come.

On the fifth day of the trip, students resumed their journey to Mecca for Umrah. The sentiment experience of facing the Kabba is beyond words, looking down from the upper levels onto the Kabba, seeing the waves of Muslims from around the world united in prayer and Tawaff – it is beyond any other humbling and inspirational experience.


Dr. El-Kassem led the group throughout the Umrah rituals. After Umrah, the group joined an informative and enlightening tour through Mecca and its surroundings, learning about the Islamic, historical, and scientific significance of each of the holy places. Some members of the group visited Masjid Aisha for another Ihram and a second Umrah.


The Umrah 2016 tour empowered students with increased faith and created memories that will forever be engraved in their souls and minds.

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