Program of Studies


Edmonton Islamic Academy follows the province of Alberta Programs of Study in all of its core subjects as described below.


Language Arts

Language Arts aims to build confidence and competence in the use of the English language, as well as an appreciation for literature in all its forms. Students' language tasks include listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, reviewing, and presenting through the means of the English language, training them in the skills required of them in later professional careers, to help them succeed in future fields of study they may choose to engage, and to thrive at home and in life as adept and equipped communicating members of Canadian society.



Math aims to educate students to think logically and systematically. Students are instructed to use math confidently in solving problems, communicate and reason mathematically, appreciate and value mathematics, make connections between math and its applications, and become mathematically literate adults, using math to contribute to society. The main strands of math in Alberta are: numbers, patterns and relations, shape and space, and statistics and probabilities.



Science aims to educate students about the physical world, the use of formulas and procedures to attain results, and to use the scientific method of testing hypothesis for their validity. Sience in Alberta focusses around three major topics: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

  • Life Science: plants, trees and forests, animals, ecosystem, cells, biological diversity, living systems, etc.
  • Earth Science: seasonal changes, temperature, rocks and minerals, weather, sky science, planets, fresh and salt waters, space, energy, etc.
  • Physical Science: building things, liquids, magnetism, hearing and sound, wheels and levers, building devices and vehicles, aerodynamics, flights, heat and temperature, structures and forces, light and optical systems, mechanical systems, matter and chemical change, electrical principles and technologies, etc.


Social Studies

Social Studies aims to help students understand the world, its history, its people, and how to meaningfully respond to it and live in it. Social Studies encompasses the following subjects in an interdisciplinary way: "history, geography, ecology, economics, law, philosophy, political science, and other social science disciplines" (Alberta POS). It teaches knowledge of local and global issues, it teaches skills of analysis and response (how to research and how to write or talk about a topic), and it aims to nurture positive attitudes valued in our Canadian society (respect for diversity, contribution to society, understanding that tough issues have multiple valid sides, seeking justice in the face of injustice).


Early Literacy

The Early Literacy Program is an Alberta Education funded program to address the needs of students in Grades 1 and 2 who are experiencing difficulties in developing reading readiness and early literacy skills. Additional human resources are deployed to enhance the early literacy skills of those students.

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