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This is one of the most vibrant locations at the Academy. The EIA library has been expanding over the last seven years. Currently, it has over 30,000 items. In addition to general reading books, the school library has a variety of reference books and other resources. It is also a quiet place for general reading for both students and staff alike.


The library offers various academics related activities for EIA students including book fairs, book clubs, Iqra (Read) Theme, Read-in week, guest speakers from other libraries and community members. Aside from the assigned library classes, students are encouraged to visit the library daily to exchange books and work on projects, assignments and presentations. The activities should inspire students to acquire the gift of knowledge, which Allah (SWT) ordered us to do in his first words to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), "Read in the name of your lord who created".




Science Labs


EIA's fully equipped biology, chemistry and physics labs offer opportunities for learners to conduct experiments and further their studies in the sciences. High School students enjoy priority access to these labs, and take their specialized science classes in these environments. In order for our younger learners to identify as scientists, they are also afforded periodic access to the labs to conduct hands-on scientific inquiry.


If you are a parent or community member interested in supporting science instruction at our school, please contact us!






Our Cafeteria offers a nutritious hot lunch every school day for optional purchase by students.


  • POUTINE/DRINK, $5.00


Our cafeteria/banquet hall is also available for event bookings. Please contact Sahar Deeb for all rental inquiries.


Sahar Deeb

Project Manager/Banquet Director, Al Rashid Mosque

Telephone: 780-451-6694 ext. 223







All of the Edmonton Islamic Academy classes are equipped with SmartBoards.  Mobile Labs (Laptop Carts) allow the computers (laptops) to come to the students rather than the students having to go to the lab.  The Academy is equipped with cloud based Wi-Fi technology – ready to take on the next wave of technology.  The Art Studio has a small Adobe Creative Cloud lab and a number of DSLR cameras for the creation of digital art.


The Edmonton Islamic Academy uses the leading Student Management Software – PowerSchool.  PowerSchool integrates directly to Alberta Education’s PASI (Provincial Approach to Student Information) system – designed to deliver information quickly and effectively.


Leading edge software allows parents to setup parent/teacher interviews online.  The state of the art server room incorporates the latest server with the latest Microsoft technology and operating systems in a virtual environment.


The Academy’s automated phone system allows the Administration Team to communicate with families quickly and efficiently.  All rooms are equipped with environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting as well as timers, energy efficient heating, kalwall, etc.



History of the Academy


Edmonton is not only the city of champions where great leaders and figures have emerged but it can also be called the city of dreams. It has become a central point of North America’s evolving Muslim history. Edmonton's Muslim Community has contributed to the city’s dynamic character for over a century. Canada's first mosque, Al-Rashid Mosque, was built in Edmonton in 1938.


The Edmonton Islamic Academy (formerly Edmonton Islamic School) was established in 1987, in the basement of the Al-Rashid Mosque, with 21 students. The school grew quickly, and by 1997 the registration had increased to 186 students.


In the spring of 2004 construction of the new ($22 million) facility of the Edmonton Islamic Academy started. This was a huge project that required enormous efforts and sacrifices and involved the Muslim Community in the City of Edmonton and beyond. The new state-of-the-art building was ready to open its doors in September of 2006. The interior of the school facility was completed with immaculate detail that provides a beautiful mixture of Islamic architectural tradition and contemporary art.


Today, more than one thousand students attend the Academy from Preschool to Grade 12. Due to the increasing demand, the Academy has initiated an expansion project. Phase 1 of the project will (inshaa’Allah) be completed by September 2015.



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