Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA

All of the Edmonton Islamic Academy classes are equipped with the latest in SmartBoard technology.  Mobile Labs (Laptop Carts) allow the computers (laptops) to come to the students rather than the students having to go to the lab.  The Academy is equipped with cloud based Wi-Fi technology – ready to take on the next wave of technology.


The Edmonton Islamic Academy uses the leading Student Management Software – PowerSchool.  PowerSchool integrates directly to Alberta Education’s PASI (Provincial Approach to Student Information) system – designed to deliver information quickly and effectively.


Leading edge software allows parents to setup parent/teacher interviews online.  The state of the art server room incorporates the latest server with the latest Microsoft technology and operating systems in a virtual environment.


The Academy’s automated phone system allows the Administration Team to communicate with families quickly and efficiently.  All rooms are equipped with environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting as well as timers, energy efficient heating, kalwall, etc.

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