Vision & Mission


Celebrating 150 Years of Canada and 30 Years of EIA



EIA students achieve their maximum potential in an environment of intercultural and interfaith understanding and respect, and use their leadership skills and intellect for the betterment of humanity.




The Edmonton Islamic Academy offers an education of the highest quality, embedded in the values of the Islamic faith, to enable students to become




leaders and contributors to society.


 Parent/Student Handbook




Edmonton Islamic Academy’s (EIA) purpose is the necessity of raising a generation of Canadian Muslims that is conscious of its creator, Almighty God (Allah).  We believe that this message is achieved through intellectual growth, community service and upstanding citizenship that is integral to both Islam and our Canadian mosaic.


We believe in


  • a generation that prides itself in its Islamic heritage and religious teachings and holds to the message of Islam, whose tenets are based on the Quran – the Holy book of Muslims – as well as the Sunnah (Teaching) of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
  • a generation that enjoys the independence of opinion and freedom of speech, keeping pace with the developments and changes of the period; who excel in solving problems and are capable of exercising objective thinking in decision making.
  • a generation that is educated in the Islamic culture and are effective members in society. 


EIA offers a high quality education enabling students to be leaders and contributors to the greater community.  These teachings call for noble conduct, cooperation, fraternity, and contribution for the betterment of humanity.


The environment where the interaction between the teacher and the student takes place considerably affects the teaching and learning domains. Therefore, EIA has taken great care to enhance such interaction in an Islamic atmosphere of democracy. Students and teachers are expected to share mutual responsibility and respect for EIA’s learning process, and to celebrate together each student’s success. For the purpose of ensuring that an Islamic atmosphere and high academics are available for our students, EIA has taken great care to complement the school environment by having a teaching staff who respect and adhere to offering a high quality education embedded in Islamic values.


Along with its commitment to offer an Islamic education, EIA is determined to excel in achieving the outcomes prescribed by Alberta’s Ministry of Education. EIA also aspires to enrich the curriculum through the following:


  1. High quality learning opportunities that are responsive and flexible, accessible, and affordable
  2. Excellence in learner achievement
  3. Well prepared learners for lifelong learning, world of work and citizenship
  4. Effective working relationships with partners


The integration of a secular curriculum and faith-based ideology is the foundation upon which EIA was established. The Islamic Studies and Quran recitation classes enable students to embrace Islam as a balanced way of life. In addition, daily prayer and Friday khutba (ceremony) are integral components of teaching and learning at EIA.


Arabic, as an additional language, is compulsory for students from pre-kindergarten to grade nine and is offered as an option to high school students.




  • Students can learn and experience success.
  • Students are provided with equitable access to a quality basic education program that meets their diverse needs.
  • Students learn in a safe, secure and caring learning environment where each individual is respected and valued.
  • Students share responsibility for their educational success with their teachers, parents, community and government
  • Students acquire strong reading, writing, and math skills with which to analyze data and develop ideas and inferences.
  • Students develop creative and critical thinking skills and problem solving, and are well prepared for post-secondary studies, world of work, life-long learning and citizenship in a complex world.
  • Students enjoy opportunities to develop entrepreneurial and technical skills and work habits required for success in the rapidly changing, high-tech global economy.
  • Students, and their parents, have opportunities for meaningful involvement in important decisions about their children’s education.
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