The Edmonton Islamic School Society (EISS) is a society duly incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta as a religious organization serving Islam and Muslims in Alberta by providing religious, educational and social services.  The EISS Board of Trustees consists of members (Trustees) from each member mosque in Edmonton and from the parent community of EISS. As a founding organization of EISS, the Canadian Islamic Centre (the Al Rashid Mosque) is allowed four Trustees to serve on the Board. The Canadian Islamic Centre  appoints the Chairperson of the Trustees from their appointed members.

To ensure full compliance with the Alberta School Act, each mosque will be advised to send a majority of the Trustees from the parents of the school. In the event that such a majority is difficult to attain for more than three months, the Board can appoint additional Trustee(s) from the parents of the school. The Board also can appoint non-voting members to serve on the Board.

The term of the Board of Trustees is for a period of two years (September 1st to August 31th). All Trustees may be re-appointed.