Kindly note that we offer discounted rates on annual individual bus passes and sibling packages for families who require bus service for more than one child. Please be aware that all of our bus passes are non-refundable.

We also offer a special one-month Ramadan Bus Pass for parents who have difficulty adjusting their work schedules to match our modified Ramadan schedule.  Please keep in mind that the bus route will not be changed for the month of Ramadan and students who require bus service for this month would need to meet at a pre-existing bus stop. 

Families who wish to register for bus service are requested to either submit an online application or a hardcopy to our main office no later than August 15th .  Payment arrangements also need to me made with a member of our team. Please click here to complete the Bus Pass application form or copy and paste the following link in to your browser: https://goo.gl/forms/MHLbmCoK3x91zV7y2


Bus Rates

1 Way Bus Service

North Side: 1-Way 

South Side: 1-Way 

Monthly Rate - $65

Ramadan Pass - $65

Monthly Rate - $75

Ramadan Pass - $75

2 Way Bus Service

North Side: 2-Ways 

South Side: 2-Ways 

Monthly Rate - $130.00

Ramadan Pass - $130.00

Monthly Rate - $150.00

Ramadan Pass - $150.00


For inquiries related to Bus transportation, please contact our Bus Coordinator:

Abbas Omar, Bus Coordinator

Email: bus.driver@islamicacademy.ca