Bloom Home Education Program

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Why Homeschool?

The decision to homeschool is very personal and could be for anything from keeping faith at the forefront of the day, seeking more family time, accommodating special needs and interests, unsatisfied with current measures and approaches in schools, cost savings and even the exceptional circumstances happening now with school and COVID.



Why choose Bloom?

The Alberta Muslim homeschooling community has grown significantly over the years, Alhamdullilah.  Currently, many of the available homeschool board options are Christian/Catholic based.  While faith-based homeschool, boards are an option for the Muslim community, we wanted to provide an option that is more aligned with our faith and values.  Bloom offers to provide unique services that Muslim families will be able to access:

  • a facilitator who shares and respects your beliefs and values
  • recommendations for resources and curricula that are Muslim friendly or ways to modify
  • suggestions for Islamic and Arabic resources
  • Support and advice on how to weave the faith into all subjects
  • networking and social opportunities with other Muslim families who are home educating
  • specialized activities catered to Muslim homeschoolers such as Quran classes, Ramadan/

Eid events, field trips, and charity/service opportunities


What is Home Education under the Home Education Regulation?

With home education, parents make a choice to retain the responsibility to direct and deliver the education of their children under the Home Education Regulation. Our Home Education program is open to all students who are 5 years and 8 months old as of Sept.1. The parent designs, implements and evaluates this program.  Bloom reports on the progress of the program through a minimum of two mandatory parent/student/teacher meetings conducted virtually.  Portfolio/learning samples will be required.  Your facilitator will create a summary of the meetings and an evaluation report will be provided at the end of the year. 

When choosing this form of education, parents are eligible to receive 50% of the home education funds designated towards the program for reimbursement of instructional materials and resources. Home education under the Home Education Regulation offers the greatest degree of parental control.


Is Bloom an independent school?

Bloom is a homeschooling board operating under the authority of the Edmonton Islamic Academy. 

Homeschool boards in Alberta cannot operate independently. 



Can I register if I am not a resident of Alberta?

Bloom is only open to families that reside in Alberta. If you are not a resident of Alberta, you will not be accepted. 



What grade levels does the Home Education program cover?

Bloom offers a home education program for students in grade 1-12.



When is registration?

Registration forms will be available in February. The deadline for registration is August 31, 2021. However, we have limited spots and applications will be filled as first-come, first-serve.  



Is there a registration fee?

There will be $50 one-time fee per student.  Future registrations will not have to pay this yearly.  If your child leaves for a year and comes back, the fee will be required again. This is the registration policy of Edmonton Islamic Academy.  



Do you provide a list of recommended resources?

A list of recommended resources to support at-home learning will be uploaded on the Bloom Homeschool section of the Edmonton Islamic Academy website.  These will also be provided to parents once registration is complete.



What is a homeschool facilitator?

A homeschool facilitator will be assigned to your child.  Bloom will only hire facilitators that are Muslim and are Alberta teachers with homeschool experience in order to serve you in the best way we can.  After your registration is accepted, you will be connected with your facilitator.  You will be meeting your facilitator virtually.  Your facilitator will be available to assist throughout the year through email, phone, or Zoom.



What is an Education Plan and when do I have to submit my Education Plan?

Your education plan will highlight what you will teach (your goals/learning outcomes), how you will teach this (activities, resources) and how student will know what they have learned (methods of assessment).  The education plan needs to be submitted prior to September 30th. If you do not meet this deadline, you will not receive your homeschool funding. Sometimes students change over the year. Plans can change too. Your education plan may change as the year progresses and that’s okay!



Do students enrolled in the Home Education program have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes?

Students in the Home Education program have the freedom to follow the outcomes described in the Schedule of Learning Outcomes in the Home Education Regulation OR the Alberta Education outcomes. You may find it helpful to look at My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource (Alberta).



Is Bloom open to all methods of homeschooling?

Yes. Every family is different. Every child is unique.  What works for one, may not work for another. We welcome all methods of learning. 



Can someone assist me in choosing resources and creating my Education Plan?

Yes, your homeschool facilitator can assist you in choosing resources and materials to support your curriculum; however, it is your duty in a parent-directed program to create your home education plan. Your facilitator will provide you with a template and examples of an education plan. Home education allows the most flexibility. This means you as the parent should consider your values, lifestyle, student ability and interests when designing their program.



Do I have to complete progress meetings and what are they?

Yes, the two progress meetings with your facilitator are MANDATORY. This is when you will share work samples, photos, a portfolio, or some type of evidence of learning to demonstrate your child’s progress towards the goals outlined in your Home Education Plan. Phone calls can also be arranged if all samples of work are emailed prior to the phone meeting.



Are report cards issued in the Home Education program?

Report cards are not issued in the Home Ed program. Students will receive an Evaluation Report at the end of the year from their facilitator based on the two progress meetings during the year.



Do you offer funding within the Home Education program?

Yes, there is $850 available in funding in the Home Education program. You will be able to purchase resources, materials and programs to support your education plan. A full list of items that can be purchased will be available to you after registration.  Receipts will be necessary for reimbursement.

Funding is disbursed three times each year; Oct 31 (40% or $340.00), Jan 31 (20% or $170) and June 30 (40% or $340). If you submit $637.50 worth of receipts (75% of your grant), your entire $850.00 will be disbursed.



What will I be able to access through the Edmonton Islamic Academy?

We are planning to provide:

  • The school library
  • Edmonton Islamic Academy online resources
  • School sports teams (tryouts required first)
  • Quran and Hadeeth competitions
  • School-wide activities: Sparks Run, Winter festival, One Umah, Science Fair, Poetry competition, Speech competition, Graduation ceremonies (some with an additional fee)
  • Field trips (including grade 12 Umrah trip) (extra fee)
  • Virtual coffee meet-ups for moms
  • Virtual meet-ups for students (different themes/topics for these meetings)
  • Service/Charity activities




What will I gain from Bloom if I am not located in Edmonton?

We are trying our best to make arrangements for children outside of Edmonton to participate virtually in some of our onsite activities such as Quran and Hadeeth competitions. We are also planning monthly virtual meets that students across Alberta would be able to access.  Group field trips in cities with a high number of registrants may be arranged.



Will there be a teacher-directed or blended option for students?

At this time, we do not have this as an available option. Bloom only offers a parent-directed option.



Will there be additional supports in place?

Bloom will be providing our families with a section on the Edmonton Islamic Academy website. Here you will find access to important information including resource suggestions for all subjects and monthly newsletters with important information.



Can my child receive their high school diploma through your parent-directed program?

If you decide to choose parent-directed homeschooling for high school, your child will not receive any credits or a high school diploma. Please visit Alberta Homeschooling to view some of the options available to high school students.



Will I be able to access Alberta resources to assist my program?

Yes, you will be able to rent Alberta textbooks through the Edmonton Islamic Academy library.




How will field trips be conducted?

We will be arranging homeschool field trips within Edmonton.  Additional fees will apply.  Parents do not have the option of joining in field trips with the Edmonton Islamic Academy; however, parental attendance is a must and non-registered siblings will not be able to participate.  

Calgary field trips may be an option if we have enough registrants in Calgary. If so, we will be hiring a facilitator in Calgary.




Will there be any regular on-site activities or collaborative projects?

At this time, we cannot offer regular on-site activities as our staff is limited and we are just beginning this program. We are hoping with time, we will be able to provide more regular onsite activities for parents and children. We are happy to arrange for homeschool classes and activities off-site if there is enough interest (clay, art, sport ball, community garden plot etc).

If there is enough interest, we will arrange for weekly Quran and Arabic classes on-site.  Additional fees will apply.

We also welcome our homeschool families to participate in our school-wide events: Eid events, Science Fair, Quran competitions, participate on school sports teams (with tryouts), and more.





Will I receive more information?

Yes, you will receive a Home Education Package at the beginning of the school year. Your facilitator will provide you with a number of documents and forms to support your home education program.



I have questions. How do I contact Bloom?

Please feel free to send us an email at


We look forward to supporting you and your family!



How do I register for the Bloom Home Education Program?

To apply, simply click here and follow the instructions.