Leadership Opportunities

We educate leaders who

createinspire and make a difference

We provide students with a variety of opportunities, both national and international, to practice and showcase their leadership skills. In the academy, we recognize the importance of nurturing our students leadership potential in order to help support a future of outspoken and confident men and women.

Student Council

Student Council represents the whole student body. Students develop leadership skills development by being the member of Student Council. The Executive Council Members are high school students who are elected by the full student body.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sister Boys & Girls Club is a mentorship program, in which our high school students mentor students from McArthur Elementary School.  This an opportunity for high school students to practice volunteerism and community service.


Many clubs are available to the students to join such as Coding Club, Students’ Activities Club (SAC), Psycho-pathways Club, Speech & Debate Club, and so much more!